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What are people saying about Thoughtback?

  • previouscats

    in case you didn't know - - get them thoughts back.

  • stephensaldanha

    Thanks @misazam for the thoughtback link I always come up with great ideas when I'm sleepy and end up forgeting them when I wake up.

  • itsgbro

    Have you seen @thoughtback? It's a great tool to stay motivated, like post it note reminders, only better. #creative #tools #app #motivation

  • PanosMeyer

    Hey you innovators out there, give @thoughtback some of your love, it's worth it! Love that service!

  • shanetron

    I like/hate when @thoughtback guilt trips me into doing something productive.

  • paunl7

    @thoughtback is sooo useful to randomly remember things you have to keep in mind in life.